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Kids Rakhi – a Festive Site!

Many people do not know that Raksha Bandhan is for celebrating siblings – particularly between brothers and sisters! During this lovely festival, sisters will tie a special bracelet (the rakhi) around their brother’s wrists – the rakhi is a symbol of protection as well as respect. If you were to translate “Raksha Bandhan,” it would come out to something like “the tie of protection” or “knot of protection” which is, of course, the idea of the bracelet/amulet.
The festival is generally held in August of each year. I love festivals that celebrate families and friendships. Any excuse for a good time and a party! So, in honor of all the sisters and brothers out there, Happy Raksha Bandhan!
If you have a brother and would like to make him a Happy Raksha Bandhan card, you might enjoy this YouTube video! Enjoy!